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Custom Big Data Search Products

Custom Big Data Search Products

To purchase more than 100,000 queries if you don't have a list of SSNs, you must purchase a Custom Mega Search product. Just login and either upload a text file of the filter fields or enter them manually online. The program will check the filters against the LADMF, and the number of queries you make will be deducted from the subscription count. The search results will be posted and the files will be accessible online. We will notify you by email when your results are ready. Then just log in and get the results from the Search Results Page.

The format of text file is : {First Name},{Last Name},{Date of Birth},{Date Of Death}

The fields are comma delineated with no spaces. If you don't have a valid value for any of these fields, you can leave them blank. For example, if you only know Last Name and Date Of Birth for your query, you may enter it in the text file as : ,Last Name, DOB, (Please note to keep the commas intact). There should be only one query per line, with a hard carriage return (enter) after each.


To order one of the Automated Batch Processing subscriptions below, click on that product:

Product List
Category Price Subscribe
Small:100,000 to 499,999 queries $8508.00
Medium:500,000 to 999,999 queries $17016.00
Large:1 Million queries and above $25524.00