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Annual Subscription to Unlimited Manual Searches

Annual Subscription to Unlimited Manual Searches

Use this federal data product to search for individual Social Security Numbers (SSNs) as needed. "Users" in the chart below refers to the number of simultaneous users. There is no limit on sequential users. Use this product to look for different SSNs regularly.

This annual subscription allows as many users as you choose, [small, medium, or unlimited], to search the Social Security Administration's Limited Access Death Master File (LADMF). Each user may log in and look for individual SSNs using advanced search software provided. Credit card companies and banks, etc., that must have employees at various branches or sites check different numbers frequently should use this product. Additionally NTIS now provides more effective and efficient products to assist companies with fraud prevention practices through checking large data sets of SSNs, on regular, occasional or repeated bases.


To order one of the User-Based subscriptions below, click the product selection:

Product List
Category Price Subscribe
Small:Single User $1531.00
Medium:Up to 25 Concurrent Users $2552.00
Large:Unlimited Concurrent Users $8508.00