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Api Documentation

LADMF Integrated Search API Reference

  1. Introduction

    1. Purpose

      This document provides an overview of web services and related processes available for system-to-system interaction with the LADMF Integrated Search product. This document is intended for use by technical professionals developing systems which will interface with LADMF Integrated Search in an automated capacity.

      This document will be updated as new functionality is added to the LADMF Integrated Search product or as service interfaces and authentication procedures are updated.

  2. LADMF Integrated Search Web service Architecture

    The LADMF Integrated Search is designed to provide a simple and intuitive web service interface for NTIS partners to integrate into their systems for the automated exchange of data.

    These web services are built on a REST and JSON architecture, and require a secure connection via HTTPS protocol. Once a connection has been established, the remote system must provide authentication to LADMF Integrated Search to ensure the connection is valid and active. Authenticated remote systems will then send requests using available LADMF Integrated Search web services and wait for a response. LADMF Integrated Search web services will process request as they are received and will return a response over the same connection.

    Connections can be made to the LADMF Integrated Search via the following link:


    1. Authentication

      System-to-system web service authentication credentials are established during registration on the LADMF website. Once a profile is setup and approved, credentials are viable for use in authentication to the services and executing LADMF Integrated Search web service transactions. Passwords for web service authentication do not expire, but can be reset any time by accessing the account provide or utilizing the forgot password functionality in the LADMF website.

      Password complexity is enforced by the LADMF website, but are required to be 14-16 characters long with at least one numeric character, one special character , and one uppercase alpha character.

      All requests to the API need to be accompanied by an authorization header with a authentication token:

      Authorization: Bearer 212LJ3k0i2382364HIUEjfeJB98yvH

      Authentication tokens are generated via the token endpoint. All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. API requests without authentication will also fail.

    2. Errors

      Occasionally, remote connections experience connectivity and/ or authentication errors. This is consistent with connections and services accessed via the internet. The LADMF Integrated Search API uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. In general, codes in the 2xx range indicate success, codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that failed given the information provided (e.g., a required parameter was omitted, a given parameter was incorrect, etc.), and codes in the 5xx range indicate an error with NTIS servers.

      LADMF Integrated Search Connectivity and Authentication Errors
      HTTP Status Code Reason
      401 Incorrect or invalid credentials.

      Subscription provided does not qualify for this web service.


      Unable to find available queries for this subscription. Please contact your account administrator to verify your subscription.


      Allowed query count exceeded. Please update subscription.

      500 Internal Server Error.


  3. LADMF Integrated Search Web Service

    The LADMF web service (LADMF Search) provides operations specific to the Death Master File and its records.

    1. Operations
      ID Protocol Operation Description
      1 POST SearchData This operation searches the LADMF data set.
      1. SearchData

        This operation supports a single DMF_Data object input which is used as search criteria for querying against records in the LADMF data set. The service will return all records that are an exact match as it pertains to criteria provided in the supplied fields. If there is no qualified match, the service will return an empty array of DMF_Data object.

        This operation is synchronous.

        This operation is idempotent.

        Name Description Data Type
        SearchData Calls the SearchData operation DMF_Data
        Request Headers
        Name Description
        Content-Type: application/json
        Name Description Data Type
        SearchDataResponse The operation returns an array (set of zero or more) of LADMF record objects. ArrayOfDMF_Data


  4. Resources

    For a more low-level details please refer to the API Reference.